Build your Kid’s future with us

Our Early Childhood programs covers Nursery 3, 4 and Kindergarten.  These are English language development programs which include phonics, handwriting, numeracy and reading-readiness lessons.

We offer the Tanzanian syllabus and prepare students for NECTA exams in Standards 2, 4 and 7.  Standards 3-7 will offer a blended syllabus which includes international Best Practices.

Also we offer the Pearson Publisher’s textbook International Program, which prepare students to take the International General Criteria Reference Scholastic Exam (IGCSE) in Standard 4 and 6.   The school accepts students with an average above 60% in all subjects from the previous school term, Std. 1 – 6.  This program has the same UK National Frameworks as the Cambridge curriculum, but has been specially designed for the Tanzanian learners.


The children are so confident.  They speak good English and are so proud to share what they have learned every day.

We favor the character-building values of brotherly love, servanthood, humility and integrity.  As global citizens, we train our students to be tolerant of others’ beliefs, to be respectful and ready to learn new viewpoints while still upholding the basic tenants of our individual and family faiths. 

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